In the coastal land of Seattle, a sea of coffee beverages are in competition. Not with one another, but for their intrinsic beauty as grown, picked, roasted and brewed cherries. Which one of them stands out among the rest is a feat of storytelling by its steward, the barista.

Ideas of sound, sense and balance all played a role in this 2014 season’s theme. Below are some of the quotes that gave room for pause.

“Being a barista starts with the understand of flavor.” @coffeeuphigh @DogwoodCoffee#quote

“Time impacts every single step of the chain.” @flalessinhim @copa_vida

‘To serve great coffee you need to start with great coffee.” @Cor_Rei @EverymanNY

“Being a barista is exercising understanding of espresso preparation.” @coffeeuphigh @DogwoodCoffee

“The crown jewel of my coffee – espresso.” @patrickburns1 @palacecoffee

“Great coffee deserves great description.” @DawnShanks

“As a barista my most important tool is my palette.” @DawnShanks

“Standing on this stage makes you a better barista.” @TalyaStrader @BowTruss

“I like ice cream because its approachable to everyone, its a classless food.” @mikenorth @BlueprintCoffee

“Focus is the points at which rays of energy converge.” @mikenorth of @BlueprintCoffee

“Clarity is the heaven of the senses.” @mikenorth of @BlueprintCoffee

“I’m here to do two things, prepare outstanding coffee beverage and enhance your enjoyment.”  @s_schro @OlympiaCoffee

“I’m an extremely competitive person.” Nick Purvis @nikpurvis @leFRENCHPRESS

“I’m trying to create moments for our customers.”  Tim @JubalaCoffee

“We can try different things to bring out new things in coffee. to Seasons ‘Future Islands.”  @greenwaybarista @Bl4cksmith

“People believe what they taste, not what they hear.” @Bethany_ynahteB @thefreshpotcafe #USBC2014

“We are a family. All of our hands [from the farm] went into this.” Row @HonoluluCoffee

“Coffee is complicated.”@hadassahedith @squareonecoffee

“Somewhere is better than anywhere,” said Flannery O. That place can also be coffee.”  .@mjbutterworth @QuillsCoffee

“Something more than the sum of its part – the cappuccino.” @agentpilgrim @madcapcoffee

“We owe it all to fat.”  @snackpackbrady @BlueprintCoffee

The best coffee comes from engaging your mind and all of your senses @bdserna@VashonCoffeeCo

“I started drinking coffee because of a girl.” @LoveofC @ritualcoffee

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