bcrbc (north central) set list : an intelli brain and his coffee cohorts

If one is talking about coffee, and this one is, then coffee brings out the stories that can bind us all. For those stories, baristas, like the following six and a host of others came to Kansas City for the SCAA’s  Big Central Regional Barista Competition – hosted by Kaldi’s Coffee and PT’s Coffee to tell their story through their coffee for all streaming eyes and ears to see and hear. Their music carried us along, providing an audio tour to the visual language that poured into the mighty and many coffee cups.  Now, the set lists of our north central champ and his accompanying baristi as smdlr was able to hear and curate it.


Charlie Habegger

Intelligentsia Coffee

“Quality is birthed by producers, its up to those along to take care of it.”

1. “Red Carpet Blues” A Northern Chorus

2. “Total Life Forever” Foals

3. “Can you Get to That” Funkadelics

4. “Cant Shake it Loose” Funkadelic

5. “The Nights after Fiction” Mice Parade


Zaida Dedolph

HalfWit Coffee Roasters

“When it comes to espresso, I like to look for sparkle.”

1. “Faith” George Michael

2. “I Want you Back” Jackson Five

3. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Cyndi Lauper

4. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Whitney Houston

5. “Die Young” Ke$ha


Josh Tavs

Dogwood Coffee Company

“This coffee is our shining star, the focal point of our presentation.”

1. “This is Why I’m Hot” Mims

2. “Falling” Brooke Hogan/Stack$

3. “Lean Back” Terror Squad Fat Joe


Talya Strader

Bow Truss Coffee

“There’s all this stuff in between that affects coffee.”

1. “Daydreamer” Jill Scott

2. “Tightrope” Janelle Monae feat Big Boi

3. “Michael Jackson” ABC

4. “E.I.” Nelly

5. “Benny and the Jets” Elton John

6. “Dancing in the Dark” Bruce Springsteen


Scott Lucey

Alterra Coffee Roasters

 “Give it a smell, then give it a swirl and drink as you like.”

1. “Bird Watching at Inner Forest” Cornelius

2. “Be a Body” Grimes

3. “Ice Cold Daydream” Shuggie Otis

4. “Steady Pace” Matthew E. White


Andy Atkinson

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

“What can I tell a customer that will add value to their experience?”

1. “Flutes” Hot Chip

2. “Blue Jeans” Lana Del Rey

3. “Dancehall Queen” Robyn

4. “Scream & Shout” Will.I.Am with Britney Spears

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