Chasing Coffee at Sunset, Soho, New York

be who you love



The day was Friday. Not just any Friday, but a Friday that held the first day of semi-finals for the National Barista Championship. Its become my cultural custom to watch these events, for me, they are a window into some of our our industry’s best – brewers and baristas – as they have a world platform to discuss the story of a coffee that’s impacted them and will hopefully impact the on-average more than 2,000 Livestream viewers and those in real life attendance.

After streaming – calling coffee and music – for nearly the entire day on Twitter, I needed to get outside and get some fresh air. I hoped that I could catch a coffee before most shops would eventually close. Its rare that a coffee shop even in a city like New York stays open past sunset.

A few stops on the train brought me right to SoHo where I was to meet up with my good friend xx of Novelty Report. He wanted a coffee too. However, we soon realized that time wasn’t on our side as a few already closed. Then, I realized that there was one such shop on the LES, Why Not Coffee – serving Toby’s Estate – that is best for those after, after coffee shop hours. Its always right on with the music, peep the vinyl player when you go in next time, has an abundance of options for seasons and can I just mention its wide street facing doors and high ceilings providing room not just for your physical presence but for the mind too.

It was on our walk there, and a couple of cookies later from nearby Whole Foods that the city illuminated by the rotating earth’s affect on the sun and the manmade lights of street vehicles that we both gave room for pause, for a moment, right here in the middle of traffic.

While I stood there, I realized that I was being who I loved, myself, layered up in a mix of contrasting patterns, worn Pumas, a beanie for an increasing chill that was overcoming me and a thrifted bag that cost less than the cappuccino I was about to consume.

In this moment, right here, I am being who I a: layers of ideas, thoughts, intentions and that music, the music of who I am, who we are all when we choose to be what we love everyday, even if that means chasing a coffee at sunset.