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a flower by any other name, is also a coffee[shop] 

If you’re wondering what a coffee and flower shop feels like… Spina is a relaxed and welcoming space where we brought a curated selection of all of our favorite things including blue bottle coffee, dough donuts, beautiful indoor plants, flowers and miscellaneous goods for your home. 

If you’re wondering, coffee amidst flowers, how did that collaboration come to be…Paul (my business partner) and I have been in the flower business for years. The idea came about to expand upon our original business (Floral design & Wedding/Events) and wanted to open up a retail location, but didn’t want it to be a typical flower shop. Like mentioned above, we decided to combine our favorite things and fell like coffee and flowers made perfect sense together! 🙂
if you’re wondering how a flower shop space with a coffee bar  said ‘YES’ to Coffee’s Night Out We felt like Coffee’s Night Out was such a great idea and were honored to be asked. The other shops involved are all amazing, and we think it’s great for both coffee lovers and for the community as a whole.
If you’re wondering what Spina thinks about the value of coffee culture – the arts – to a community… We love to travel, and have seen the value and passion of coffee culture in so many different places and by so many different types of people. Coffee has the power to bring people together and this in turn has an amazing residual effect on communities. Coffee goes hand in hand with the arts, and with people who are driven by passion. We see this reflected everyday by our wonderful customers, as well as our amazing (and talented) staff.
If you’re wondering about an interesting story that has happened with Spina… We all but kidnapped our good friend Vince (Spina’s store manager) from Virginia to Brooklyn just days before our grand opening. He’s now one of the most recognized faces of Franklin St!

Two acoustic musical sets will be performed at Spina.