[before] coffees night out, life busker Jesse Cohen

Jesse Cohen, life busker

‘I was heading towards the bright lights. They were looking at nobody else but me,” Bob Dylan in Jesse Cohen’s mouth.

Where does your sound come from?

I don’t know how to out it into words, but the ribbons in my throat are different. My voice is the conglomeration of four or five singers It also depends on my feelings and emotions. Certain things I articulate to get certain things across.

I met you as a street busker on the F train, four years ago. Tell me about being a street busker?

It’s a trifecta: my social life, my income, my office. It’s my radio station- where I transmit.  But, it’s also a no-brainer. Everyone rides the subways, everyone.  Steve Buscemi gave me $20 and said I have an amazing voice. When that happens it changes your perspective.

You do have a great voice. Where do you like to busk?

My three favorite places are; Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, 7th ave in Park Slope, and Carrol Street.

When I asked you to play Coffee’s Night Out, months when this was still an idea, you said, ‘Yes.’ Why?

I said yes to your spirit. It’s a true genuine love. I’m more into the idea of coffee and music and it’s a true genuine love. And, with my music it’s a chance to share, and direct people to what I want them to feel.

Jesse plays Tar Pit at 8:30.

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