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when prompted, the poet, responded as a person of interest would, with impromptu words from a calculated place, meriting endless finger snaps

Share with me your relationship to coffee.

My relationship with coffee started at an early age. I was six. It was café pen. My grandmother woke me up in the morning, with coffee, milk and soft dough bread. We dipped bread into the coffee, when there was no more bread, and then we drank the coffee. Coffee was a beverage of choice because it taste good.

Talk to me about what coffee is for you.

There’s something very elegant about coffee. It’s not soda; it’s not water, its something that has an occasion attached to it.   For me, its my grandmother and mother, both who passed, its those moments, those mornings of having coffee.

Moments. Paint for me what that scene is.

It’s opening the cupboards of the apartment and seeing the cans of Café Bustelo.

Tell me a tale.

I was in a relationship for nine months and I’m ending it today. [That was last week when smdlr spoke to the ‘troubled romantic.’]  There’s something intrinsic, intangible and undeniable about being in love…falling in love, there’s an X factor.

What’s the tale about you and relationships?

I am a person who has a lot of romantic interactions – specific to relationship. Now, I’ll be allowing myself to have a relationship with myself.  Not allowing yourself to go through the cocoon stage you don’t allow yourself to have a metamorphosis.

What does a platform – be it a stage, a mirror in your house, a shower in your bathroom – do for you as a person of expression?

It helps me see that I’m alive. How I feel alive the most, is when I’m in the shower reciting a poet. If a poem stays within me, it’s a disservice to myself; I have to let them out. I repeat them to myself until it becomes a part of me.

How does a space influence your words?

A space doesn’t. It’s the ground that I’m focused on; it keeps me centered.  Performing poetry as interactive as it is is introverted; I’m going back and I’m recalling things unique to me, but have the human experience.

What makes you want to write?

It happens all the time. I have a story to tell and writing, ha, writing is extracting thoughts.

JoeKenneth Museau was interviewed at Persons of Interest and will perform at CafeEdna