NERBC day 2 | brewed sound:. a tigress among men in button-ups

day 2 of the nerbc didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t be there in person, but live streamed it and danced around my desk all throughout the routines. the last song is dedicated to the nerbc champ @katiecarguillo. and, now for your audio pleasure, press play below.

a tigress among men in button-ups from smdlr on 8tracks.

sounds curated -in an order separate from the competition schedule- from nerbc champ @katiecarguilo | counter_culture; @coffeeandbikes | EverymanNY, third place @jparkbrannen | Handsome Coffee Roasters, @thebrandonduff | RBC NYC, @bpgel | Ultimo Coffee, @erinmccarthy88 | Gimme! Coffee, @tamakinsneb | Irving Farm Coffee, @jazzycho | Jazzy Train,  Andrea Costa | Equal Exchange, second place in the nerbc AND winner of the Brewers cup, Jordan Barber | Third Rail Coffee.

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