My Brain on Butter. With Bulletproof Coffee.

buttered up.



Who are we, if not energy beings, vessels of self-expression and meaningful dreamers?

From as young as I can remember, my parents raised me to have a voice to dream the possible dreams and then do them. I believe it’s why I love the art of creation so much, it’s the manifestation of what was once. just a thought. To think, a radical idea can become tangible because we, the people apply mind, body, brain and soul to making it exist. If ideas are to energy as gas to an engine, then may that always be how I burn.

There is the idea of this other tangible thing called coffee, that fuels me – I fell in love with it a long time ago. I have this uncanny, quirky, and kismet connection to coffee and to what the idea of it inspires others to do. It is why I’ve partnered with Dave Asprey, the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee in a new three part story series on the webzine of how his creation facilitates an energy to express who I am.

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All that we consume feeds us. And, if we are ever-conscious it can nurture us. I like being near the things that I embody, so a return home to Los Angeles required a visit to the Santa Monica Bulletproof for a few afternoons of butter and sand. As the city and friends of mine were preparing for the annual Burning Man, I thought about how the core tenets of Dave’s creation speak to the burners and those of us who are burners in spirit. Here, I am on the beach of Santa Monica enjoying desert colored sands while enjoying to the very end an iced Bulletproof coffee, just walking distance from the actual coffee shop.

These sands are the same kind of desert hues that a tribe of creatives will live in, this week as they identify with a community of creatives whose brains like to fuel up on the kind of energy Bulletproof provides. Whether your adventure finds you on a limitless beach of sand, in the Black Rock Desert of Burning Man where Dave will be this week or another wild adventure, a brain on octane oil is one way to optimize your enjoyment.

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I’m currently having an adventure with original whole bean Bulletproof Coffee. It’s paired with  Grass fed-ghee and  Brain octane oil – talk about a righteous buttery natural high!

Out here, in this free space, I am kindred with the possibilities of my mind. Out here, my body is uninhibited and my spirit is flying free.  Out here, I am harnessing the energy of the wind and and my soul is at peace.

For a full range of products to explore, as I’ll be doing the next couple of months visit here. I’m excited to see where our brains will go together.


In partnership with Bulletproof Coffee.