travel.: Avocado Toast, Cafe des Espices, Marrakech, Morocco.

lost in the toast of it all


Indelible impressions are lovely to come by. They are like a bouquet of unexpected but welcome followers, birds chirping in the middle of the night, piercing the nothingness with harmonious sound. For a toast to come along in a cafe’s food program and be an  complex accomplishment, one Cafè des Espices has achieved.

Along with a traditional nous nous, in a corner seat watching a square of people, vend everything from spices, fish, berber rugs to their own stories, avocado toast arrived like a four string quarter, each individual piece playing a beautiful role as part of the whole. Colorful, savory, full, crunchy, seasonal, fresh.  It was striking and complex, unforgettable like Marrakech’s Majorelle blue.