On Coffee.: The Bronx, Colombia. Johannesburg, Toronto. June, 1.

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“This might just be heaven in a cone: a South African entrepreneur at the Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg has come up with what is being hailed as the world’s most-Instagrammed coffee.” AOL Lifestyle x Johannesburg

“A little bit further and you’ll find a coffee-and-cannabis shop called Tokyo Smoke tucked inside a retrofitted shipping container, where you can pick up a pencil-thin, gold Alair vaporizer with your iced latté.” The Coveteur x Toronto

“If a coffee shop can serve as a town hall, it can also serve as a sign of something else, gentrification.” New York Times

“With an investment of 25 million euros the Colombian coffee sector should become climate proof to ensure more than half a million coffee farmers to cope with or fight the impact of lack or excess of water in 25 Colombian river basins.” Phys.org x Colombia via The Netherlands

“I accompanied him through the drizzle to the post office and for a celebratory espresso—the first coffee of hundreds we’d share in the future.” Wired