City to City, Three Art Shows to See Now: NY, London, Amsterdam.

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West Village, NY

Artist: Eve Plumb

Series: Painting

Coffee Shop: Cherry Lane Theater – July 31

A coffee table is known to hold coffee among other things. As an object it finds itself taking center stage in Israel Horovitz’ off-Broadway play ‘Out of the Mouth of Babes.’ Created by artist and actress Eve Plumb,  a painting created by artist and actress Eve Plumb. The painting makes a cameo in a play about a recently deceased man and the effect his womanizing ways had on the women – who all meet one another –  he attempted to love. Gather round.


Artist: Paul Michaels

Series: Ceramics and Design

Coffee Shop: Showroom Hexagon Classics

Classics cars and coffee is for more than just comedians. Paul Michaels, founder of Hexagon envisioned a communal place for those who love not only love both, but what they attract, art too. Installed as a pop-up, in connection with London Craft week and Officine Saffi Gallery whichever passion strikes a chord there is enough car, coffee and ceramic for everyone.   

Perth, Australia

Artist: Hotel Magique

Series: Art Prints

Coffee Shop: Suit Amsterdam 

A collection of prints and illustrations plays on base with the mens and womenswear goods at Suit Amsterdam. The illustrations designed by Milou Neelen are part of collaborative print series for private event.Of soft mauve, burgundy red, white and black strokes the art creates a feeling of artistic simplicity welcoming visitors who come in for its clothing or for the new coffee bar where green ceramic tile backdrops a future coffee break.   Break now.