City To City, Three Art Shows to See Now

A Chevy, a snake and some metals are in the building.


Santa Barbara, CA

Artist: Jeff Clark 

Series: Photography

Coffee ShopHandlebar Coffee 

 Leave it to the rear end of a sun stroked Chevrolet to cause applause for the photography exhibit at by by Clark who self identifies also as a cyclist, vanner and traveler. Images of the road, trucks and the great vans out doors are surely to be expected. Be whisked away.

Simon Hughes, Parlour Coffee

Winnepeg, Canada

Artist: Simon Hughes

Series: Painting

Coffee Shop: Parlour Coffee 

What tempts you might rustle in the night, the day or both in a subarctic ecosystem.  The answer might come in Boreal Temptations, a current printed art exhibition featuring Hughes one painting, vibrant piece upon the wall. One is enough when its great.


Atlanta, GA 

Artists: Kathryn Nee + Jennifer Upton

Series: Photography

Coffee Shop:  HodgePodge

Tales by two.  Ladies Nee and Upton come together in a duo photography show. Nee’s Awfully Abandoned series shows a journey through the lens of her Canon 7 D and Urbex exploring abandoned funeral homes, hospitals, hotels and beyond.  Upton journeys into the living room, the commonplace for many with hand transferred images on metal.