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Coachella Lineup

The beauty of the top of 2015, is all the wonderful cultural announcements of events occurring in the year. Today, that beautiful music festival behemeth Coachella, announced its official lineup and its major.

Being in the Valley of Indio, hearing music, drinking coffee and documenting both as a culture was a highlight for me on in 2014.  Seeing ElaBrew – the first independent coffee company to bring specialty coffee to the event – return to Coachella with a full-on arsenal of art, fashion, music and coffee was culturally heartwarming.

Additionally, Civil Coffee, which pops up with specialty coffee at events  from Flea Markets to Coachella, provided Stumptown coffee and enviable street style around its Indio quarters.

Music and coffee are a such a wonderful pair. With this years line-up released, spring in April sounds delicious. Just take a look at some of the major acts and their ‘coffee’ culture.

  • Jack White headlines and surely his song Lazaretto featuring this line which is sure to make a cameo. 

 Makin’ models of people I used to know

Out of coffee and cotton


  • Sylvan Esso plays on the bill and its no doubt that ‘Coffee’, their popular song released in 2014 will be on stage.

Wild winter, warm coffee
Mom’s gone, do you love me?
Blazing summer, cold coffee
Baby’s gone, do you love me?



  • St. Vincent appears on the bill. Her ‘Bring Me Your Mugs” signature blend coffee  collaboration with Intelligentsia Coffee in 2014 further signaled the power of coffee and music as an undeniable duo, worthy of the culture’s attention.  Surely, Bring Me Your Loves, which the blend was named after, and which we’ll gladly substitute with coffee, will make her set list.


Bring me your [coffee] All your [coffees, your coffees] I wanna love them too, you know

See you at CoffeeChella