coffee.: An Ube Latte Takes Me to Manila and Back

sweet thing

ube latte, laveta la, Los Angeles

Are we expounding on the memories of our recent times past? The places we liked to go? The dirty subways we rode? The dates we didn’t show up to, and still didn’t call? The letters we never wrote?

Are we reminiscing on the moments that we were so consumed with documenting, that we didn’t live them? Or, were we documenting them because we were besotted with living them?

Are we remembering what was, simply because what was, may never be again? So then, what do we make now, what do we do now, what do we document now? Will this time become what was, maybe what we wished we’d done?

This was the first time I had an ube latte. The only other time I had something with ube in it, was previously in Manila in November of 2019. that time, I was given an ube ice cream by some friends, while on top of a grassy mountain. I scan still smell the grass my heels sank into and hear the buktots playing. when I met with the violet yam on the menu of this coffee shop, it brought me back to that memory which I didn’t photograph.

I remember this concrete slab and setting this drink on It before I even sipped it. I remember all eyes looking at me, the girl putting her drink on the floor, to capture this first, regardless of what the drink tasted like. I wanted to preserve its formation before my lips disrupted it.

Now, life as we knew it, has been discontinued.

Are we living only to have an epoch make us desiderate what was? Disrupt what is, that lasts forever, so do the first times.