Coffee and Music at Coachella … Day 2



Once upon a time I went to Coachella

I took an early start to the day that I could loiter in the main campgrounds where Elabrew was stationed. Navigating the many lots isn’t a small feat, but I found them on an elevated grassy knoll, under a shaded tent nourishing the people of Coachella with donuts, bandannas, zines and of course coffee as I knew they would.A beautiful painted tarp by Joerael covered their booth and it artfully declared, “the cure is…elabrew.

My cure came in the form of a hot soy cortado despite the dessert heat. Its warmth felt like comfort, a throw and a good book. And as for taste, it was like heated milk with a warm chocolate – gluten free – cookie … just all kinds of yum.

Since I arrived near closing time, I was able to chat with the crew for a bit and then people watch which is always a pleasure. Then we all walked to the entrance of the festival sharing our first day Coachella adventures – who we saw – OUTKAST, and what we’d experience: community, culture, connections.

Once inside we made our way for some Sweet Clems Popsicles near The Do Lab tent. And as soon as I pulled off the wrapper on my strawberry flavored one, its freshness was like a cool deliverance to my tongue.

via Elabrew Instagram

via Elabrew Instagram

With it in hand and watching The Do Lab space – a revolving stage of dj’s , air mist and the most colorful people streaming in and out of its space, I was torn between finishing my pop and freeing my hands to document its unique vibe. It felt sub-independent of all the other main stages and adjacent tents – it was underground, yet above ground and functioned as some other-wordly kind of cool going on and I was diggin’ it!

Soon the Elabrew crew departed and I rapidly finished my pop. I stayed there for a little longer and then I was off to stroll the entire grounds for awhile, people watching, people talking and people documenting catching bandannas, shingled bottoms, cotton skirts, All-Stars aplenty and interesting hair arrangements.

When the late noon arrived, I met my friends for my first concert and enjoyed the folk calm of City and Colour. Their sound underneath the sun was an ideal way to leisure a still hot afternoon away. Then it was on to one of my most beloved bands, indie folk artists,  The Head and The Heart, whom I last saw and photographed at CMJ.

It wasn’t long before I was happily singing along, full throttle, as one inevitably does with this band among a crowd of strangers. However, when Jonathan Russell said, “its not that weird to sing in front of strangers, we do this sh&t all the time,” the crowd went full vocal aplomb.

Then, when Charity Rose sang her infamous refrain towards the end of ‘Rivers and Roads,’ it was nothing short of a holy inner revival. The feat of achieving such intimacy in such a massive space among thousands of people is something I hadn’t imagine occurring at Coachella and here it was happening and I was part of it. Talk about bringing the Indio magic. #boom.

This experience with them at the Outdoor Theatre set the rest of the day musically for me. I went on to se Future Islands, Lorde, Solange, Pharrel Williams who had a host of cameos with him including the Jabbawockeez – amazing storytelllers of dance and movement – Usher, and JayZ. It didn’t seem real, but it was.

I must say this day ended with a fullness in my heart, the kind where you think you’re in love, and then realize, no, you are in love.

“Down in the valley, the valley so low
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow
Hear the wind blow, dear, hear the wind blow;
Hang your head over, hear the wind blow.
Roses love sunshine, violets love dew.” Head and the Heart

– cde.

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