Coffee at Home is Popular, La Cabra Moves into NYC, Paul Smiths Coffee Jackets in Paris

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  1. The National Coffee Association releases its latest National Coffee Data Trends Report. The report tracks trends by coffee consumers and provides a map to how drinkers at large are consuming coffee including trends that are overarching for the culture.One of the highlights in the release is that Americans drink more coffee than not just water but than any other beverage.  Given this past year-and-a-half of a pandemic, coffee has truly been the companion of choice. Access the report here. Read up.
  2. La Cabra, coffee brand from Denmark known for its sleek rectangular packaging with a goat has officially arrived coffee shop side in New York. It brings its clean and light roasting style to the Big City months shy of celebrating its start nearly ten years ago in 2012. As they state, their approach to coffee is a novel one setting its offering apart from a globe of coffee makers. Go taste them.
  3. Breakfast at 9 a.m. is an image in a series by photographer Felipe Romero Beltrán in the New Yorker. Two of the subjects sit while one stands tugging on a loaf of pan while sipping a café. It’s documents a slice of life of North African youths at an interment facility writes the magazine. The everyday performance reminds me of when I first visited Seville on a solo backpacking trip across Europe. The photo story including this ritual is just a reminder that it doesn’t matter where people are or in what capacity the cultures shares the companionship that can occur over breakfast. Bring the butter.
  4. The street, the dream, the city. Street Dreams Magazine grounds itself to cities, primarily New York, Vancouver, Tokyo and London. But coffee has become another lens through which it sees. Last year it collaborated with Sey Coffee for a special release that included a mini photo book in support of Black Lives Matter. Through the social ethers, the culture has learned that there’s more coffee culture that the people can expect from the brand with Street Dreams Café. Defined as ‘the next frontier’ via its twitter bio its powered by the crypto currency Solana and will feature thirty-five photographers across a quantity of five-thousand packs. Join the queue.
  5. She calls it, “probably the most exciting, collaborative project I’ve been a part of to date.” She is Laci Jordan, a multidisciplinary designer and creative director who created the visual art for Ben & Jerrys Change is Brewing ice cream. If the events of the last year and half have shown us anything, culturally, socially, and politically it is that change is brewing and that change is changing the status quo. Learn more about the impetus of Jordan’s start to the project here. Change is out here.
  6. Paris Fashion Week wrapped a month of fashion shows for the fall season which also marked the return of many shows in person. The culture couldn’t miss the “tight coffee jackets’ at Paul Smith’s show. What is a coffee jacket? The culture was curious too. For starters, their structure, is that of round shoulders and some resemble, yes, the color of coffee. The SS22 collection’s focus is a fluid and relaxed aesthetic according to its Instagram notes taking inspiration from the natural world. Sounds like coffee.
  7. Are you looking for a space that can curate your coffee with another lifestyle interest. Look to Daily Coffee and Vinyl which shares daily coffee selections with a choice of vinyl. With each post, this account shares what its spinning and sipping. Visit to discover new coffee, new music or to just acquaint yourself with a fellow music and coffee lover. Drop the needle.