City to City: Three Art Shows to See Now

Atlanta, Georgia

Artist: Evan Leggoe

Series: Painting, Illustration, Mixed Media

Coffee Shop: HodgePodge Coffee

When you’re a Jill of the art trade, being multifaceted works as an advantage.

She paints, sew, embroiders and makes collages among other things. She brings all these skills into a single destination at one of Georgia’s local coffee shops.

Her world is like a land, and the work is an invitation to come out and play.

San Francisco

Artist: Holly Coley

Series: Full and cut paper works

Coffee Shop: Four Barrel Coffee

Playing with the juxtaposition of soft and loud, ‘Soft Explosions’, the photographic exhibit of Coley tinkers between the felt and unsaid. “These drawings attempt to articulate moments of inner contemplation and light,” says Coley in an artist statement.

In a creative era where expressionism is valued, visiting here is opening up her relationship with the wonderful, wild and natural world.  

Perth, Australia

Artist: Michael Patrick Timmins

Series: Photography

Coffee Shop: Daphne Cafe

Evoking of an era is more than nostalgic, its historic when achieved. Timmins photographic prints of shipping containers is a reminder of the old and the new.

In a culture consumed with heading back to the era of slow food, slow photography and slow living its a beauty to see a piece of history capture on polaroid while still pushing technology.

Push with him when you visit.