food:. Breakfast at Bogota’s Abasto

but first, breakfast

From one of the entrusted among the consortium at Cafe De Colombia it was recently said best, “Food is a huge part of our life as coffee is.”

On an early afternoon in Bogota, I headed to Usaquen with my fellow coffee blogger Aaron of Fresh Grnd for coffee at Jaime Duque’s Catacion Publica. Once in the proximity of the park, we decided upon food first – breakfast for me.

The beauty of walking in remote parts of Bogota is its ample walls which serve as colorful palettes and that bring pantone colors to life. After musing over such in the neighborhood of Usaquen – a journey into Abasto – a fresh bodega – provided a wonderland of fresh: fruits, vegetables and dried goods.

With a flood of light from above, and sister streams colliding from its front entrance to rear patio, dining here was joy personified. I ordered simply: fresh strawberries from the campo, an assortment of nuts and grains and yogurt by a miniature milk glass – it was perfect; it made my daydreams.

Rich colors were our company; red in tomatoes, browns in potatoes and orange in oranges. All I wanted was for the merry-go-round of color to be never ending. So ,thanks to my captures I have more than a memory to share with you. If in Bogota, head to Usaquen for la bodega abasto –  breakfast first, then coffee.