UKBC 2015: Set List ‘The Hunt is On’

Selfies, sunken ice cubes and sweet sweet coffees were some of the tropes of the United Kingdom’s barista competitors in the 2015 installation of the UKBC.  Bringing experimentation in performance, story and the cup a group of six culturally adept men and women.

One man, on the hunt for receptive ears as he “painted a picture with flavor notes” won the race, Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, proprietor of a self-named coffee shop and a second beer focused space in Bath. The world stage is set.

Now, a resounding quote paired with their set lists as captured and documented.


Colonna Smalls Dashwood

Colonna & Smalls

“What’s important is that we paint a picture with flavor notes.”

1. “Busy Earnin,’ Jungle

2. ‘Seasons Change,’ Future Islands

3. ‘Brand New Revolution,’ Guts

4. ‘Keep the Customer Satisfied,’ Simon & Garfunkel


Dale Harris

Has Bean

“We’re delivering more than a cup of coffee…its an experience.”

1. ‘A Kiss to Build a Dream On,’ Louis Armstong

2. ‘Cool Kids,’ Echosmith

3. ‘Josephine,’ Chris Rea


Jana Slamova

Bazter Storey

“If I make this coffee right, everybody wins.” 



Dan Fellows

Origin Coffee

 “As a barista its my role to make you experience the best of this coffee.”

1. ‘Love Runs Out,’ One Republic

2. ‘Can’t Hold Us,’ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

3. ‘Its Time,’ Imagine Dragons


Estelle Bright

La Marzocco

“It’s important to get the ratio of steamed milk to espresso correct.”

1. ‘Dark Corners,’ Sonny & The sunsets

2. ‘Papageno,’ Norwood Hill

3. ‘Can’t Do Without You,’ Caribou

4. ‘Another Girl Another Planet,’ The Only Ones


Diana Johnston

Workshop Coffee

“Regulars are the people they’re supporting our industry.”

1. ‘Plastic Panorma,’ Postiljonen

2. ‘Kelly Watch the Stars,’ Air

3. ‘Human After All,’ Daft Punk

4. ‘Dreams Today,’ Efterlang

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