feature:. Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Coffee

where the bat swings and the sun sets

It was on Saturdays, in a field now known as Greenwich Village, in New York that a man – Abner Doubleday – invented baseball. Mr. Doubleday played it, knowing not of his invention that would more than 200 years lataer becoming the storied American sport that is in the land of the ‘brave and the eventual free.


Baseball has seen many eras and players; dead-ball, the ‘Black Sox’, the Negro Leagues, the period of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, the impact of the Tuskegee Airmen and more on the integration of players of colors in the sport to the great Jackie Robinson.


As historic the game is and its evolution has become, it’s a center of community for its attendees who sit in its seats, chomp on its hotdogs and talk its importance pre and post game.

In many cities where stadiums sit, like Los Angeles, minutes away and at times mile are other communal places to chat batting average, best short stops, history making plays and to celebrate the wins of favored teams: the coffee shop.  Today the culture does it for Dodger Stadium in Elysian Park. This season before and or after the game, these spaces all within ten minutes of the stadium are a place to swing batter batter!


ONE |  LAMill Coffee

Find the great red wall and the outdoor seating at the bottom of Echo Park and you’ve discovered one of Los Angeles’ storied local coffee roasters.

With a full food menu this is a good place for healthy eats before a game alongside trademark coffee drinks. A modern décor with fresco like wall coverings mixed with vintage elements affords for a little visual nostalgia at your side.

Have a single origin Brazil.

TIME: Ten minutes from Dodger Stadium

TWO | Andante Coffee

That purest wall color, white takes over the walls of a space long known as a corner for coffee and community in Echo Park. You’ll be whisked in with the wind as its greeting door is situated on the downward slope of one of the area’s many hills. Within, gravity takes not to much besides a few tables along its east and north side and one sizeable communal table at its largest window.

Come here, have an espresso, which in its current season is oranges and cherries. Or, a chai latte, house sweetened.

TIME: Seven Minutes from Dodger Stadium

THREE | Woodcat

When red asks for attention and the coffee purrs. Expression simply stated is the courtesy extended from this space. Each of its corner is one entering thought manifested. For those wanting to gather together you are welcomed to the upfront wood table: for those wanting to people watch as they are being watched, they are two individual benches upfront and alfresco and for those looking for intimacy at the bar or alone seating perpendicular to one another rides the longitude of the space.

Come here, have coffee roasted from the Bay by Wrecking Ball or an alternative option like the spicy chai latte. (3.75)

Six minutes from Dodger Stadium

FOUR | Antigua Coffee House

This feels like the peoples space. Because it is. With mural art on its Cypress’ Park Antigua Coffeehouse is its own living testament to the tenets of the pastime of tradition and communally.

Roasting and serving locally its down home feel is comfort at its best and a true voice within the specialty coffee community. Order anything, seriously. But, if one must get specific the Cafe Con Che and the Mayan Mocha are not to be missed.

TIME: Five minutes from Dodger Stadium

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