Culture Cooler : Ribbons, Chords and Murals, Oh My, Jan 19th

all good in the coffee ‘hood



that good good, San Francisco, CA

On January 15th, the eighth annual Good Food Awards finalists were announced. The drums roll right with this culture’s preferred subject : coffee. As mentioned before, good coffee is good food, so, it is a pleasure to see a wonderful group of coffee brands become finalists, and ultimately winners, sharing their roasted coffee cherry at the weekend marketplace and into the world. For fun, highlighted are all the states The Coffeetographer has physically visited.

The winners:


Abundancia Coffee, Kenya AA Blue Mt, Oregon

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, Panama Esmeralda Estate, Lino Lot Natural, California

Commonwealth Coffee, Kenya Nyeri Gachatha Lot #160 AA, Colorado

Equator Coffees & Teas, Panama Finca Sophia Geisha, California

Evans Brothers Coffee, Kenya Gatundu Karinga AB, Idaho

JBC Coffee Roasters, Finca La Mula Panama Geisha, Wisconsin

Joe Coffee Company, Ethiopia Guji Yabitu Koba, New York

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Idido Cooperative, Wisconsin

Klatch Coffee, Kenya Karatu, California

Mudhouse Coffee Roasters, Finca La Mula CAC Reserve Geisha, Virginia

NEAT Coffee, Kenya Gachatha, Connecticut

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, Panama Carmen Geisha, Texas

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Ethiopia Adame Garbota, Washington

Onyx Coffee Lab, Colombian Granja la Esperanza Margaritas Natural, Arkansas

Ruby Coffee Roasters, Ethiopia Guji Uraga, Wisconsin

Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co., Suke Quto – Ethiopia, Minnesota

Square One Coffee, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado, Pennsylvania




river music, Los Angeles, CA


@spokebicyclecafe, instagram

The bricks at Spoke Bicycle Café were the backdrop on Sunday for live music on the Los Angeles River. While musical festival season is still in its announcement phase and pre-Spring hype, local events like this remind the culture of the beauty of coffee shop spaces to support the arts and give a voice to the independent voices in the culture.



@jamielynart, instagram

@jamielynart, instagram

mural mural on the wall, Phoenix, AZ

Over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, an Instagram image of a mural outside Giant Coffee caught the culture’s attention. Against an eggplant hued wall and a row of windows with blinds drawn, @jamielynart captured one of the cities murals where a bench rests perfect for one to get lost in the art. After all, when art and coffee come together, ‘lost’ is a welcomed cultural byproduct.