food:. National Doughnut Day ‘The Age of Yeast’

Will you go with me?

That’s the question I ask of doughnuts when I’m looking to pair one with a coffee. That question comes not from this age but from a time pre-millennial when  notes were handwritten and passed like origiami paper planes into the air. That age of nostalgia when questions were still asked and status quo’s not assumed. That age when a doughnut with a cup of coffee was classic.  Classic things can never get old. And, with the advent of many, many doughnut purveyors create new takes on old traditions, those with alternative dietary needs can still enjoy a National Doughnut Day like myself.  In fact, its feeling a little like the age of yeast. So, here’s a couple vignettes for National Doughnut Day – local and gluten free – of whom I ask ‘Will you go with me?”

Left. ICDC | Brown Buttermilk Gluten Free

Fried on spot, glazed on top.  Yeast don’t kill my vibe.


Middle. “Don’t call it a donut.”

Fonut | Strawberry Buttermilk, GF

A field of strawberries floating in yeast. Twirl under the umbrella, grass tickling your toes.

Top. Babycakes 

Coconut flakes floating on a round. Merry, merry, hold on, the carousel’s up and down.