Where to Coffee… in Paris, AW’ 15



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A cafe and espresso bar thats  kind on featuring guest roasters, one can easily fancy themselves on its outdoor wood blocks or upon its tiled inner quarter. Just a beauty to look at from a far, with the use of current coffee equipment like the acaia scale to sourcing quality beans – its charms comes with a hearty punch.

40 Rue Chapon

There is a beauty in a place that doesn’t take reservations and prefaces its main offerings with the adjective good: “good coffee, good food, good service.” The menu still remains seasonal, see March here. The wait will be at your own discretion and ‘good’ things come to those who do.

19 rue Lucien Sampaix

Count on someone’s ears ringing. Perhaps, it could be that of the coffee farmers  whose coffee is seasonally welcomed here and cupped according to coffee traditions. Currently the March menu boasts a guest espresso from Rwanda with thoughts of berries and cacao butter. Somewhere a palate rings.

10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles

Harking back to an older time, of coffee alfresco, near flower stands, where print was read, is the feeling newcomer Honor gives me. As an outdoor space, with inspirational origins from its founding duo’s heritage – English and Australian – one can expect a cultural coffee pot here, including a blend after its own name.

54 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

 Have you heard of ‘Year of the Goat?’  Its not a legend yet, but an actual espresso blend which Cream slings from Cafes Belleville. In addition to being a gathering space, it hosts a one hundred percent functional vinyl player and plays events as well. Full culture ahead.

 50, Rue de Belleville