On Coffee, Five on Tues | March 3

via NPR, Fresh Air

via NPR, Fresh Air


The things people talk about, when they talk about coffee.

“Coffee brewing is a daily ritual of the people, and Brewers Cup represents an ideal platform for this kind of development, with a mutual sharing of technique, information and equipment among home brewers and professionals alike.”  Daily Coffee News

“An old man walks into a grocery store in Caracas. After waiting patiently in line, he asks the shopkeeper for a container of cooking oil, a jug of milk and, a quarter kilo of coffee. “New Yorker

“My coffee maker is texting me again.”  NPR, Fresh Air

“As for the coffee, Mr. Mycoskie told us it is grown with love. ‘I met this one farmer in Rwanda who had just 110 trees, and he talked about them like they were his kids!’” Observer

“The information is out there to grow high quality coffee, these coffee farmers in Burundi don’t have access to that information. We want to connect the information to the coffee farmers – encourage high quality coffee through education of coffee management.” Olympia Coffee Roasting

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