open:. New Shop on the Block [SpreadHouse]

spread em

A new coffee shop has arrived to the Lower East Side in New York and its called Spreadhouse. Brought to fruition by owners Greg Minasian and Peter Richardson, with help from a coffee consultant,Johnny Black, its replete with touches that make for warm respite.

Details of Note:

  • The bar is made of poured concrete covered in a patina finish.
  • The Persian rugs – yes Persian – are sourced from partner Greg’s rug business.
  • The coffee program is premium – using Joe Coffee serving espresso, drip and milk based drinks.
  • Local baker, Lauren O’Connor of Cake Thieves Bakery – rising all things vegan –  takes counter space with her cookies, muffins and cinnamon buns.
  • Come March, which is right around the corner, expect a vegan brunch program. Now, that’s premium, Here’s to wishing Spreadhouse all the best.

See you there, with a palate wide open.