music:. U.S. Barista Competitions, Round One, 2015


Notes + Quotes

1.Michael Harwood, Ceremony Coffee | Annapolis, MD

‘We Could Forever,’ Bonobo | “Every coffee has an ideal context.”

2. Jonathan Miller, Madcap Coffee Co. | Grand Rapids, MI

‘Wild One,’ Lizzy U | “Our focus should be on the customer and making it special.”

3. Kyle Rampage, Mahlkonig USA | Durham, NC

‘Pride Won’t Get Us Where We’re Going,’  Thad Cockrelle | “How do we build more value? Through cooperation.”

4. Michael Butterworth, Quills Coffee | Louisville, KY

‘Movement in the Countenance of Kings,’ Sufjan Stevens | “Balance is an important part of every good cup of coffee.”

5. Andrew McCaslin, Palace Coffee /Evocation | Amarillo, TX

‘Higher Ground,’ Stevie Wonder | “We must collaborate and invest.”

6. Erika Vonie | Everyman Espresso | New York, NY

‘Pendulum’ FKA Twigs | “Climate affects coffee and those at origin as well.”

7. Nora Brady, BluePrint Coffee, St Louis, MO

‘Know What I Want,’ Kali Uchis  | “My end goal is to serve the best coffee possible.”

8. Sam Brandvein | Cherry Street CoffeeHouse | Seattle WA

‘Say My Name,’ Odesza | “Profile and recipe are two ways that I can affect taste.”

9. Cole McBride |  PublicUsLV, Las Vegas, Nevada

‘Turn Up The Radio’ Ok Go |  “Coffee is culinary.”

10. Anna Utevsky |  Independnent | Raleigh, NC

‘You Better Run,’  D.R. C.J. Johnson | “Intention is the great through line that restaurants and coffee shares.”

11. Maxwell Mooney | Spotted Cow Coffee Co |  Mill Creek, WA

‘Everything’s going to be alright,’  Mike Mains | “Nothing like a pretty design on top of your drink.”

12. Sarah Leslie | Gimme Coffee | Brooklyn, NY

‘Tycho,’ Awake” | “Today is a celebration of excellence, the best of the best.”

13. Jonathan Paul Doerr, Portola Coffee Lab | Costa Mesa, CA

‘Do You,’ Spoon | “Coffee is about relationships.”

14. LeeAnn Wacker, Colectivo Coffee | Milwaukee, WI

‘Sonato for Cello’, The Mutato Muzika Orchestra | “You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the coffee world to enjoy a cappuccino.”

15. Devin Chapman, Verve Coffee Roasters | Los Angeles, CA

‘Never Meant’ American Football | “I do what I do, because I love it.’

16. Steven Latham, Box Kite NYC, New York, NY

‘Do it Again’ Robyn and Royksopp |  “Authentic conviviality is what lasts.”

17. Brandon Weaver, Slate Coffee Roasters | Seattle, WA

‘Good Vibrations’ Beach Boys | “Cappuccino is all about the flavors created in roasting.”

18. David Fasman, Kaldi’s Coffee | St. Louis MO

‘Section 13, The Polyphonice Spree’ | “It’s not as common as one might think to represent a single farmer.”

19. Kevin Bohlin, Saint Frank Coffee | San Francisco, CA

‘Hearts on Fire, Cut Copy’ | “We’re in an unprecedented time for awareness of specialty coffee.

20. Harlin Glovacki  | Nom de Plume Roasters | Phoenix, AZ

‘Some Children’ Holy Ghost | “Optimizing solubility allows me to optimize coffee.”

21. Trevor Gruehn | Independent | Madison, WI

‘Let’s do it again’, The Staple Sisters | “Take your expectations put it in a box and mail it far away.”

22. T. Ben Fischer  | Stone Creek Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI

‘Uptown Funk’, Bruno Mars’ | “I want to allow the coffee to speak.”

23. Jenna Gotthelf | Northhampton Coffee | Massuchusets

‘Gimme,’  Starlinger | “Relationships need communication to work.”

24. David Buehrer | Greenway Coffee Co | Houston, Texas

‘Talk To Em Main,’ H.G. Hustla | “I wanted to represent the coffee at the best it can be.’

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