On Coffee.: CaliVintage, Grub Street, ManRepeller, The Nation, Dec 29.

look who’s talking


flowers on the table

“So fast food coffee to the rescue while i try to get through yet another holiday season, ha!”  CaliVintage

“Maybe you like it split with coffee nothing wrong with a mocha — or spiked with a fine rum.” Grub Street

“There are days where I would rather knock my shins into an inconveniently placed coffee table a million times than make one more decision.”  ManRepeller

“Tea and coffee both have become parts of meals.” The Nation

“Ng also adds that while the initial target demographic of the site was regular coffee junkies, they now know there is a demand for specialty coffee among corporate consumers looking for (and often in desperate need of) good quality coffee to keep them fueled through long office hours.”  Star2.com