coffee.: A cappuccino in Accra, Ghana.

in a tea country


cappuccino, Urban Grill

Ghana is a tea country. But, coffee is one of its main exports. However, the culture of coffee is alive. I am finding the quality of it enjoyable, mostly in large multi-use markets like Palace, at hotels and at restaurants that lean heavy on the aesthetic side of a dining experience.

This wet cappuccino: a bed of foam under a proportion of milk and espresso was comforting on a cloudy Accra day.  Its notes weren’t easily discernible outside of thoughts of the feeling of milk chocolate with plush marshmallows on top. And, that’s just fine by me. With the place setting set, I was ready to receive the hospitality of  Ghana, the coffee of Ghana, the culture of Ghana. I can’t wait to see how the drinking coffee culture develops here.

Happy International Coffee Day!