coffee.: cappuccino, The Sweetest Bloom,Maru Coffee, Los Feliz

feeling so high

I’m not sure where to begin: should I start with the warm welcome upon entering; the pottery that feels like cotton candy in your hand, how sunlight played with space as if it was reuniting with an old friend, how Marshall headphones emitted Tupac lyrics upon entry that time stamped this LA moment affectionately.

Or, shall I begin with how an idea as old as civilization, that happens all day here: conversation over the heated cup – remains fundamental to society, to culture, to expanding the mind, to easing into speakable thoughts turned ideas, turned places, turned movements.

I like what Joonmo said to me, “we’re just a small shop, nothing big but we’re happy.”

“You’re happy?” I repeated.

How often do you hear a person say that after meeting them for the first time?

The smile that hovered over his hands, that cupped his cup was like the mountaintop of an answer…the mountaintop of Maru, the definition of this little shop born from a high place in Korea.

I had a few coffees: Manufactory and Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters by pour over and finished with a Sweet Bloom cappuccino. It felt like a warm breeze. Tasted like juicy red grapes, plush, sweet with melted sugar in the raw penetrating sweet cream ice cream. Talk about a complete sensory high.

Get lifted, get here!