coffee.: Chucking with a Coconut Cappuccino, Hermanos Coffee.

child’s milk



Hermanos, Midcity LA

I started out enjoying coffee.  I enjoyed it. I counted on it. And, I depended on the morning exchange that often came with it. I still enjoy coffee. Sometimes, I have to let the critical eye in me be silent and just respond to how I feel. I don’t have a problem doing that most times so when I do just feel, it’s a lot of fun; I am enjoying coffee.

It was nice to have a moment like that upon visiting Hermanos Coffee again in midcity L.A. It’s not on a main street – I love that. It’s not near any other coffee shop. I love that ok! And, I find, that it’s that kind of place where it’s a bit out of the way but not really, once you realize how good it actually is and then all of a sudden it’s not out of the way at all.

When it comes to coffee, travel and seeking out both for the name of adventure, nothing is EVER out of the way. So, here I am, in a $1 coverall – the latest love to my collection – having a coconut milk cortado. It was different the consistency of water with milk, almost but very fine, very silky – can I say very one more time, very memorable.

I wanted to capture the enjoyment, how I was feeling. So while chucking my coffee, slowly of course – I danced. I leaned all the way into this experience. Let’s just say, I think more coffee shops should let us dance on the furniture, after all, coffee is like kids milk for adults, right?!