on coffee.: Coffee Glass Contraptions, A ‘Coffee Boy’, Coffee Crops and a First Place Coffee. November 2.

Vanity Fair, The Onion, T+L…

“One of those people was the barista who poured me a cup of Ethiopian Kana through a complicated glass contraption at Craft Coffee in Newtown, a neighborhood not far from Maboneng that is beginning to become the kind of place where baristas pour Ethiopian Kana through complicated glass contraptions.” Travel + Leisure

“[JAB pays] substantial premiums for coffee and bakery brands in both retail and restaurants.” Extra Crispy

“Scientists warn that climate change could devastate coffee crops worldwide, due to the extremely specific conditions required for the plants to thrive. What do you think?” The Onion 

“As a glorified coffee boy.” Vanity Fair

“All 23 winning lots sold well above the starting price of $5.50 per pound with the first-place coffee awarded to Kibingo washing station in Kayanza, selling for $52.30 per pound to buyers; Maruyama Coffee Company (Japan), Sarutahiko Coffee (Japan), Difference Coffee (UK), Good Boy Coffee (USA) and Nippon Coffee Trading Company (Japan).” CoffeeTalk