CoffeeChella : Who’s on Bar?


Origin: Seattle, WA

Founded: 2007

Where: Campgrounds at Elabrew 

According to master roaster Mark Barany, “relationship is what attracted us to coffee.” Elabrew brings their coffee to her campground tent, looking to ‘service the Coachella customer.”




Origin: San Francisco, CA

Founded: 2005

Where: Campgrounds at Elabrew 

Coffee isn’t an afterthought with Ritual Coffee Roasters, it is a comprehensive experience, which is why they’ve been a”pioneer in this delicious shift in coffee consciousness.”

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Origin: Portland, Oregon

Founded: 1999

Where: Coachella Terrace Yurt

First brought to Coachella by Elabrew last year, Stumptown pops up in full force via Civil Coffee and as the title coffee purveyor inside the arts and festival. In their spaces and surely at Coachella – with music by its side as their website says,”coffee is king—but it’s still our relationships that really keep us going.”