coffee.: the cookie cappuccino, Golda, Brooklyn, NY

‪monsters cap

cookie cappuccino


I could give you a witty caption or I could tell you all the things that happened inside this space, on this day, that made working in the coffee shop a short film. yeah, I’m doing the latter. ‬

‪there was the barista and his menu. ‬ ‪enter the couple who clearly didn’t want to wake up, but did, because they made it to the corner window seat. ‬ ‪ ‬

‪this here cookie cappuccino – the recipe is proprietary – that was like strawberry tricks. can we get a minute for strawberry tricks yo?‬

the woman who was curious why I was leaning over this here cookie cappuccino, but couldn’t shake my hands after introducing herself because there was remnants of her sunny eggs all over it.

‪Earth Wind and Fire played on the radio. Did someone tell them I was coming? ‬ ‪

an impromptu bts tour of the ‘operations’ ‬when Danny, the owner entered and realized yo, we know we each other.

‪the woman with the fresh cut bangs just off a plane from LA, who told me she came straight here because of the Mediterranean food she saw shared on Instagram.

the man in the truck outside the coffee shop who thought I looked good holding “that coffee.” the older couple passing by carrying groceries heavier than them underneath the shuttle train overpass.

‪the charcoal latte with specs of black acting as an adhesive to slow melting ice cubes. ‬

so as you can see I got a lot of ‘work’ done. let’s make distractions worth the disruption.