coffee.: cortado, El Rey Annex at Todd Snyder, Flatiron New York

where am I?

If I closed my eyes then the jade green mosser accents and 1970’s flooring took me back to a speakeasy garage where bronze bar elements reflected light and vinyl spinned so that hips could shake.

If I opened my eyes, I was experiencing refined elegance at a coffee bar – new the annex for @elreynyc’s second location. I started with a cortado and it was nothing short of balance, beautifully pulled and smooth like chocolate cotton candy. I don’t even like cotton candy but I loved this, melting in the palm of my palette like that – like the thing you do at an amusement park followed by the snap of a Polaroid.

My memory is still holding on.

Coffee Shop: El Rey Annex

Location: New York, NY