coffee: cortado, Stereoscope Coffee, Buena Park, CA

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Tell me, how did you do it? How did you turn me around like that.? It was as if I was hit over the head with something that caused those old school comic words to show up: Kapow! Zaaaap! Bam!

I think it had something to do with the blueberries and brownies that found their way into a juicy, cup of dark berry and chocolate. Gulp!

I stood here in the sun looking at an espresso that spoke in the origin tongues of a blend – Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil. And, to know that I heard right, it’s a natural processed coffee, how remarkably calm you were. Whirrrr!

As espresso sat underneath this milk, I stood wondering could today’s comics, aka emojis, explain what I tasted. Nah, but I could, so I wrote this. Yippee!

Coffee Shop: Stereoscope Coffee

Location: Buena Park, CA