Creative Mornings, ‘Street Etiquette’, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

in living color

On a creative morning in new york…

“Heritage, Its who you are, its what’s passed down. We grew up in New York, if we grew up in Ohio, we wouldn’t be here.”

New York was one in 34 cities on a sunny Friday, when the originating chapter of Creative Mornings christened the doors at BAM with morning lecturers Street Etiquette – Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi.

Gumbs and Kissi spoke to a sold out crowd in a theater on the upper levels of one of Brooklyn’s oldest cultural institution – BAM. While doing so they shared their everyday journey growing up from home, to bodega, to getting on buses to walking down Bronx blocks as eventual influences for their heritage.

Street Etiquette – their namesake brand – became a way to tell a different story of a black man growing up in New York, “We knew we had to build a community.”

With friends like Ouigi of Brooklyn Circus, renaissance man Melo X, photographer Andre D. Wagner – who were also in attendance – and the uber-artful gents Art Comes First – with friends and fellow etiquette aficionados they are traveling the world curating a global village, yes, creating a “new heritage through style and lifestyle.”

Attendees, like Street Etiquette, wore lots of solids and prints and many shared stories with me because “where there is coffee, there is style.”

See them and other candid photos below. As well stay tuned to Creative Mornings’ forthcoming blog post.

before the morning talk




Adriana | Solid Lace Socks from Asos.

“I love lace, its so nostalgic. It reminds me of being a little kid.”

specs and leaves

specs and leaves


Robert | Florals United Dry Goods Shirt  x Vintage Levi’s

“I found these Levi’s at a thrift store. I’ve only had them for three months but they are from the seventies.”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


 Jen | Black Hat

“I’m actually wearing my sisters hat. I thought it would be easy to just put it on since I’m seeing her today.”



Adam | Solid Brown

“I got these boots from Amazon, $25. They used to look plastic and bright brown.  Not anymore.”



Stephanie | Monochromatic

“I make apparel. This is my get up. My mantra is ‘do what feels right’.”

black coffee. everyday.

black coffee. everyday.

 ‘Crew Cut’ Print

Rob Hayes | “I drink black coffee everyday – iced or hot. And, oh, this print comes in a tie too.”

printed recycled cloth Topshop suit

Carolyn Rush | “I like my coffee black, like I like my curtains.”


solid denim washed jumper

Karyn Campbell | editor of The Very Short List

“I’m with my helmet.



shirt + shoes

“Nothing was working so I decided to wear pants that I designed a Polo shirt and these Sperry boat shoes.” Travis

“These are a comfy pair of DSW shoes.” Khalia

aviva jaye

aviva jaye

thrifted scarf

Aviva Jaye |  Singer

“I got this in Cambridge MA, when Emily King was on tour with Emeli Sande.”

 first ‘creative’ family

Hannah, Jude, and designer dad, Perry. [ l. to r.]

“We’ve been doing this for a while, we love coming!”


 “We’re coffee drinkers.”

“I like my coffee black with a splash of milk.” Wesley , l.

“I like mine with milk, one sugar.” ‘RadarBoy, r.



Solids and prints on the guest of [speakers].

After the morning talk…

1. photographer, ace boothby, gif giver with Tattly

2. power solids

3. black onesie


4. multiple solids | photographer

“I like being directed. Where should I put my bag?”

5. cheetah x neon | Mariquel, founder of elastic lace replacer, Hickies

“I love Neon and I love prints.”

6. florals: his [sleeve cuff] + hers

“Yes, we came together,” he said.

brandon sollis, blue bottle x bam

brandon sollis, blue bottle x bam

7. print x print

“Can I get in with my coffee?”

reggie black

reggie black

8. denim solids | reggie black, sticky inspiration composer,

“Red hats are part of my signature, man.”

9. “Oh, you want my bag too?

10. solid + florals

Bekka Palmer | photographer

“Can I leave my [hearts] on?

cherries curbside

cherries curbside

11. Isabella | of Dear Kate and Relish

I brought cherries with me.”

9. denim solids

photojournalist | byron summers from ‘Make’

10.the speakers’ of honor, with friends.