Culture Cooler.: Coffee on Met Gala Menu, Millennials Emo 4 Coffee, A 5 Word HashTag. May 2.

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Eva Chen, @instagram

Eva Chen, @instagram

back to the …hand.

New York, NY

It is true, technology has taken over many a things once performed by the hands of man. In an ever increasing age of an where culture vies for the eyes of those in the attention economy, The Met Gala’s annual spring 2016 exhibition with the theme Manus x. Machina or in translation, the hand and the machine is one way to get the publics attention on the vast difference on the sprawl of fashion from haute couture and ready-to-wear.

From the most intricate of embroideries to the artificial the exhibition forwards a conversation for attendees who were entertained by The Weeknd and Nas while dining on green and white asparagus, grilled lamb chops, wild mint; roasted potatoes, a 2014 red blend wine from Napa Valley, Green Apple Sorbet and Coffee. Save the best – on the menu – for last, right?


Toni Walker, Fair Season Vintage

lets get emotional 


Its as if all content and purchasing power falls down when it comes to the oft talked about subject of the millennial and their purchasing power –  now and into the future. In a commissioned study by S&D Coffee & Tea, 900 Millennials’ coffee buying habits were surveyed which revealed that buying coffee is “an emotional experience,” says Food Navigator who writes about the study, including the need for coffee to be sustainable, a detail surpassing that of other specialty markets like ‘Fair Trade, local and organic. Millennials might be “emo” but you won’t push them around as the study details so they can past the language of authenticity to the real thing.

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say it with a #

A hashtag began trending over the weekend. That hashtag was #5WordSurvivalStrategy. As people tweeted in five words what they surmised would help them survive any and everything, one such offer was by Zelda Zonk @tikibetty on Twitter –  “A full cup of coffee.” It tickled this culture. If you had to pack for your survival, would a full cup of coffee suffice?