CULTURE N.E.W.S. August 12-14 2016

its the weekend

@foundla, instagram

@foundla, instagram

NOW | Eagle Rock, California | A shot and a scoop.

Summer hitting its apex near the middle of August call for more than thoughts of something cold, something coffee, something true. Found Coffee in Eagle Rock now carries Jenis Ice Cream. You know what that means, the coffee positioning system for affogatos makes cooling off this summer a lot more easier to find.

NOW PLAYING | Seattle, Washington | For the rainforests!

Goggles, face masks, and one large, white protective suit are part of the WeShop commercial by Slate Coffee including a cameo on coffee sacks and among coffee trees. Lets hear it for conservation.



NOW | US + UK | Intercontinental Union

 The cross continental associations that were The Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe have now joined as one and will officially ac as such in 2017. For more information on the vote for said coffee unification and “to grow value member, achieve common goals and… make better coffee for all.”

 – August 31 | Scottsdale, Arizona | Live! in Scottsdale

Going live! Taking on art in a public coffee space, local artist Chad Stoermer will be drawing live at Maverick Coffee, for five-hour blocks daily – except for Tuesday – through the end of August. Working in pastel and watercolor his impressionistic works can be created in the time it takes to enjoy a sit down coffee date. Got coffee?