CULTURE N.E.W.S. June 12-14, 2014

11smdlrlogohousestamp13-150x150-11a curated round up of weekend coffee culture from the north, east, west, and south. have fun!

FRI-SUN | Northside, Brooklyn: Music of Brooklyn borough proportions is being orchestrated  for the entire weekend by the Northside Festival – an annual cultural fest with programming spanning music, film, and innovation including sponsors VHI, Jameson, Palladia and Mastercard. Yea, its so beyond official. See all the lineups here.

FRI | Soho, New York:  What would a Saturday do on a Friday night? If the day were human, perhaps it would visit one of its namesakes like Saturdays NYC for a fashionable night in Soho. The clothing and coffee brand celebrates its new collection in collaboration with Gordon Harrison Hull in Soho tonight. It’s a good look to be downtown tonight. TIME: 7-9 p.m. EST

FRI-SUN | Manchester, Tennessee:  Oh baby! ‘B’ is so for Bonnaroo. The music and arts festival has a cultural lineup that is a field study itself on what’s new, what will be of the now and what everyone will be talking about post Sunday’s closing shows.  Stream it live here, and if you’re there happy camping onsite campers! Virtual campers, feel right there by streaming it live here starting at 3 p.m. CST

FRI | Seattle, Washington: So, its Friday and you want to get cupped? in the good ‘coffee’way.  Neptune Coffee hosts the North West Cup Tasters Competition, sure to incite healthy coffee sportsmanship. TIME: 6 pm. PST COST: $5, Winner takes all

FRI-SUN | Anderson Valley, CA: If you’re there, then you aren’t readying this. But, if you are reading this then know that Bicycle Coffee is far, far away in the Mendocino forest pedaling coffee on an 80 acre stretch of land to some unplugged adults at Digital Detox. #cupUP TIME: Its really relative but see the sessions here.

SAT | New York, NY: RSVP. Because you really should, so that Kitsuné ( Maison Kitsuné) and André can properly host you at The Standard rooftop bar Le Bain, on the Highline for music by Klingande, Gildas and Jorge.  What more is there to say? RSVP already. TIME 10 p.m. EST

SUN: Tempe, Arizona: Well, this will give you a smile. And, if you’re a dad you’re already approved. Free coffee for all the dads from Cartel Coffee Lab . Find one of the six locations, any will happily caffeinate.

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