Culture Cooler: Three Things to Talk About From the Wknd [5.18]


Randalls Island, New York

Let’s talk about art. And when we talk about art lets have something held in our glorious hands, something warm something also artistic – a drink from a cafe. Such as the base for Cafe Pedlar which put its name on the walls of New York’s Frieze Art Fair this past weekend As guests allowed their mind to perform mental acrobatics over what they experienced the cafe, ever a place for intellectual fodder was there too, feeding the spirit with its own artsy craft: coffee.



San Francisco, California


Ever notice how some of the best adventure companions come with the kind of name that makes you want to do just that – go on some wild and fun journey? Would the name ‘Sputnik’ inspire that? It’s the name of Ritual Coffee’s coffee trailer which floated on water at San Francisco’s Maker Faire serving coffee libations amidst the beautiful backdrop of nature. What a way to make something that happens everyday just a little bit more adventurous. Coffee afloat!



CANNES, France


Let there always be popcorn when films are screened. And, when in Cannes let there be the culture of coffee too. This Instagram captures two cups of  Ksumi Tea. It seems so simple. But, how simple can a cup be when one can only imagine the power of a beverage to often be the center of activity when many movie ideas are brainstormed, scene lines entered and talent booked. As Cannes continues and eventually announces this year’s Palme d’Or, coffee culture is sure to find its way in from people gathering over it on the street to indoor places where creatives meet.



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