City To City:.. Three Art Shows to See Now


Artist: Adrian Franks

Series: Installation

Coffee Shop: Tina We Salute You

Look up. The ceiling here is inverted into a landscape of burgundy and taupes. Called Inverscape, it might not just be coffee that takes you to the roof.

Do stop in for coffee and this ceiling.


Artist: Nate Harris 

Series: Mural

Coffee Shop: Elixir Coffee Roasters

Its a mural on the wall.

Artist and designer, Nate Harris works on “thoughtful and challenging projects” according to his biography. He’s currently canvassed the wall at Philadelphia’s Elixir Coffee Roasters.

Go by, loiter for a while.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Artist: Owner

Exhibition: Paintings

Coffee Shop: Cafe Citron

Owner owned.

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and the artwork is also from the owner. Such is the case here in Tbilisi, Georgia. These images invite sitting wonderment, the kind when cultures of hundreds’ years past, sat for a picture.

You should go, and have a seat.

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