coffee date! Another Kind of Sunrise with Ksenia


000034060011Coffee is one ferris wheel ride sometimes.  A couple of weeks ago, I received a sweet note from a lady named Ksenia. She loved coffee, Picasso and Venice in Los Angeles. I agreed with her. So, when she asked me out for a cup of coffee and conversation, it was an automatic yes. She culturally charged me with picking a place as long as it was along Abbot Kinney.

I chose to look up a place that I hadn’t been to before. Cue the cutest little space, Another Kind of Sunrise – a post on my experience there to come soon.

Over the hours we spent together we talked Picasso, photography, our buttery brew made by Lela Buttery,  shooting on film – she uses a medium format camera – and the art mural along the pathway created by actress and artist Diana Garcia and Brandon Boyd. You know I’m a big fan of art within the coffee shop space!  I soaked all this culture up in one of my favorite kimonos, thrifted from Melrose Trading Post , an African onesie from my dear friend Toni Walkers’ Fair Season paired with white high top chucks.

Ksenia covers her full experience on her site, Red Pinwheel Blog. Check her out, her work is beautiful. Some of my favorites moments from the day are below. #cupUp