coffee.: Drinking the Milky Way Galaxy, Cafe Demitasse



Milky Way Espresso x Minty Cubano

The Milky Way is a galaxy.

The Milky Way is ounces deep.

The Miky Way is more than a trillion stars strong.

The Miky Way has a price tag.

The Milky Way is liquid mathematics.

The Milky Way is on earth and in the heavens.  The one above is as below, being its self across approximate measures.

And, on earth as in the heavens, The Milky Way espresso is expansive, galactic and systematic. In a cup, its ounces of extraction form a work easy to collide into. You find a shade of Charlie Brow  crema perceptible to the eye.

When a champagne flute contains The Milky Way, paired with particles of milk and mint, an otherworldly taste leaves me afloat within the space I occupy, aerating orange slices and cocoa solids across the sky of my palate.

I like when coffee takes me to another place, for then a  drink is no longer an appearance to be seen and consumed but an adventure.

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