coffee.: espresso and milk, Cow DTLA,

Iohave a coffee



right before milk develops a balloon within itself,
right before heated brown sugar caramelizes into edible crystals like the shape and holes to a honeycomb, and right before a bead of sweat, accumulates into a teardrop shape sliding down your forehead followed by a wind that comes in and stalls it, is how this espresso and milk was.
It was the feeling before everything, of a zenith, but how does one drink a feeling? How about in a ceramic designed by lc and with a side of an heirloom tomato grown in a backyard ten miles from you, which intuitively showed up as sweet yellow pepper in the finish. I’m not dreaming but sometimes when I drink coffee and feel like this, I think I must clearly see two sides like ‘coffee’.


Coffee Shop: Cow Coffee

Location: Downtown LA

photo:  James Acai