coffee.: Ethiopia Bensa, Maru Coffee x Sweet Bloom

buckle up


Ethiopia Bensa, Maru x Sweet Bloom

I ride rollercoasters for a thrill. I do not ride rollercoasters to be scared. Sometimes, a thrill comes with a little fear. Will I enjoy the wanted thing as much as I think I will?

Until the thing coveted is mine, there are the ideas of what this thing will actually be, that can create fear about the unknown. It is the same with coffee. It’s easy to drink what I know. It’s a thrill to drink what I don’t.

I ordered a bag of the Maru Coffee x Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters collaboration. Coffee -a flower in bloom- means that there is all the potential for the thrill of something beautiful to also scare me with its unknown.

Ethiopia Bensa, a first yeast fermentation coffee from Sidamo, Ethiopia, is a ride of chocolate on the nose. Then, at first sip, it is like a tootsie roll that lingers on the tongue and slowly dissolves. A couple grams in, Bensa felt like a chocolate high, with a deep plunge into a yard of magnolias, whose foliage steals you, like a thrill does to breath.

Rush in.