On Coffee.: Evening Standard, HuffPo, Sydney Morning Herald, Reason, Teen Vogue, Sept. 21.

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natural process, pour over: Stereoscope Coffee, Buena Park, CA

“On my days off, I don’t drink a whole lot of coffee.” Evening Standard

“By drinking Oxfam Fair Coffee Capsules, Australians also get to be part of a movement for global change — our Fairtrade and certified organic coffee has been sourced from the cooperatives in Peru, PNG and Mexico.” Huffington Post

“In Haiti, however, it’s not out of the ordinary to find 20-foot-tall coffee plants.” Reason.com

“We’re flying our (fresh) coffee across every week which is a carbon footprint disaster and very expensive,” says Malatesta. “Curtis is a friend and he wanted us, so we’re doing it.” Syndey Morning Herald

“The classic problem: you’re a coffee person, but your Fashion Week friend wants tea.” Teen Vogue