On Coffee.: Germany’s Probat, Transcontinental Roasters, Tokyo’s Addiction, A Head Scratcher + China’s Coffee November 15, 2017

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1) The German company Probat, the world’s leading manufacturer of roasting machines, built the model specifically for Starbucks. “A coffee brand’s success,” says Wim Abbing, the company’s managing director, “is 90 percent about the story it tells.”

2) Given many of the vendors and events were similar to the year prior, my attention turned from brewing design and technology, to specialty roasters for a glimpse of their latest sources and techniques.

3) Founded in 2010, the roasting house has already established two cafes in Japan, a relatively rare feat that only a handful of western specialty coffee roasting companies have achieved.

4) So I say this with both credentials and a decade-plus of market research: There is not a single better place in the world right now to feed a low-key coffee addiction.

5) Of course, some people have consumed coffee on an empty stomach for years and felt completely fine. If that applies to you, then by all means, continue drinking! But for everyone else, certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, recommends pairing your caffeine fix with a hearty breakfast—or at least a snack if your tummy isn’t rumbling.

6) If you want to solve the latest viral internet head-scratcher, you’d better have some coffee first.

7 ) “Indonesia is one of the four largest coffee-exporting countries, together with Brazil, Vietnam and Cambodia,” he said, adding that the coffee market in China had grown about 15 percent annually, far higher than the global coffee consumption per capita increase, which was at 2.3 percent annually.