Coffee gets some Peace and Quiet, Cold Brew brews mobile, Twenty Countries to make Yemen Coffee History

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1.Ceramics, coffee and pastries walk into a… Hong Kong workshop. What happens next is a creative experiment with “raw coffee”. Facilitated by Naam Yu, of Handyman Roasters, Phoenix Coffee Roastery and Plumcot Bakery, THE SHOPHOUSE event occurs through
August 7th.   Can we get a ‘whose house’ chant?

2.The Japanese coffee house Maru launched an exclusive merch collaboration with Museum of Peace and Quiet bringing earth tone cotton hoodies, roomy totes and covetable caps to its brick and mortar store and online web presence.  Its high quality coffee meets high vibration calm.  See you outdoors.

3.Miir’s Cold Brew coffee filter is here and ready to go, on-the-go. The filter screws on top of your wide mouth bottle and takes up to 10 hours to make. Here’s how to make it in this instructional coffee video, which also shows you all about the micro perforations enabling the process. Go Go Coffee Gadget

4.Caffeinated is the headline of a The New Yorker article, chronicling the closure of Los Angeles’ Starbucks chains due to “challenging incidents.” This just might mean more room for an independent coffee shop to retake over the block. Hide your stores.

5. When a 2016 Aeropress champion presses, the culture presses too.  Former US Aeropress champion Ben Jones has created a new drink with the portable handheld device that one can use at home or on-the-go. Named the Aerotonic, the drink can be virgin or boozy, perfect for the world’s summer heatwaves. Two sides like coffee.

6.Mokhtar Alkhanshali, the subject of the 2018 book “The Monk of Mokha” will host the first National Yemen Coffee Auction. He founded his coffee company Port of Mokha and the nonprofit Mokha Institute, which will run the auction that will be held on August 31 featuring twenty countries. Historic.

7.What does summer sound like? If you’re in ATL, it might be a Donald Glover song. Or, it might be a curated playlist by Atlanta’s own Portrait Coffee, billed as the ’Sound of Summer’  event which will span the time of five hours on August 6. On the day, you can also taste their limited drink “Photo Bloo” with Color Cold Brew. Summer blues anyone.