On Coffee: Gilmore Girls, Joshua Tree, Michelle Obama, Qapital, Dec 21, 2016

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Users can round up extra change ($0.30 from that $2.70 coffee you bought this morning, for example), set a fixed daily or weekly amount to save, or connect the app with Apple Health to reward themselves for fitness goals. Qapital

But when I met Tom at a coffee shop near his house in Silver Lake — I think it was Intelligentsia — I realized that it was exactly the same as the coffee shops in my neighborhood in Toronto or the coffee shops in London or New York or Portland. The diversity of the new world is patent fraud. The world has never been so much the same. LA  Review of Books x Los Angeles

“There are several Simi Dabah sculptures here, adding to the surrealistic drama of this High Desert destination. Smart move if you stop at the Joshua Tree Coffee Company, on Highway 62, of course, for a cup of their locally hand roasted certified organic coffee, such as Breakfast Bliss, and head up the road for some serious star gazing.” The Beauty Bubble x Malibu Times 

“On anonymity: There’s nowhere I can go in the world  and sit at a table and have a cup of coffee [39m 30s] and watch the world.” First Lady Michelle Obama x CBS

“Yes, that’s a one pound bag of Western New Yorkers’ favorite coffee brand [Tim Horton] in Luke’s Diner at Stars Hollow. This scene appears about 20 minutes into the first episode.” Gilmore Girls x Buffalo News