coffee.: GoodBoyBob, Santa Monica, CA

look for the telephone polls




Between the name being a near tongue twister that I can say a dozen times straight, founded by Erich Joiner, GoodBoyBob, has a logo that folds into each other; the story of a rescue dog informing its namesake, and coffee privately labeled out of San Diego that makes a trifecta of interest for an explorer of coffee, story and experience.

I found it among a lot of buildings and a dozen telephone poles in Santa Monica. There’s bleeker like seating outside and a multiple functioning  space from point of coffee entry at the bar to its indoor searing area to the immediate right countered with art, cliches and round tables. It feels good to have another option for coffee in this part of town.

I ordered an espresso based drink, a cortado and wait for it to greet me on the porcelain white coffee bar, in front of the espresso machine where I soon come to learn, Sarah Higgens  is pulling my shot and pouring my milk.

It’s true, I’m already sold on the story of this cafe, from the white bags to  the small typed storiea about the coffee’s origin and the welcome upon entering. I even buy a bag of the Karongi,Rwanda on smell alone before having my coffee.

And then, my coffee appears. The first flavor that came up was bourbon and then I was stuck. What else was happening here? Snuggle. Okay, there’s some strawberries. But what kind? I take a seat. And it’s coming, its marinated strawberries as if they’ve been steeping in their own juice. And now, thyme, just a touch, as if I’ve got a  residue of the herb on my fingers but it’s somehow made it’s way inside my drink

This coffee felt a fleeting love that decided to linger. It felt like I was dancing between a place on top of a city and somewhere far away where no sign of life was remotely close. All kind of juxtapositions. It was like a bonfire on the ocean, the kind where it’s warm enough to enjoy the sweet crisp of the night air, feel it tingle your arm hairs, and yet, not want to shorten the sensation with a throw or woven blanket. It was alert, it was present, it was in the room.

What about Bob?  GoodBoyBob is good, extremely good. Go.


2058 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA